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NFL Lockout Stay Denied By Judge Susan Nelson

The NFL's motion for a stay pending an appeal of the injunction handed down Monday has been denied. After a flurry of legal filings, Judge Susan Nelson made her decision on Wednesday evening, denying the league's motion to keep the lockout in place. Technically, it means the lockout is over for now, though the NFL will likely appeal the decision and ask for a stay from the 8th circuit appellate court.

The news came from Sports Business Journal's Liz Mullan.

Breaking--Judge Nelson in NFL Lockout case: "Defendants’ motion for a stay pending appeal is DENIED."less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

The NFL has been in limbo since Nelson's ruling on Monday with a lockout not technically in place. The league proceeded with caution as some teams allowed players into workout facilities, but prevented players from working out or training due to liability issues.

The ruling means, in simple terms, Nelson felt the lockout was forcing players to suffer irreparable harm and the league was unable to prove otherwise with its motion for a stay. With the stay denied, the NFL and players will now need to formulate plans for an offseason, including free agency, trade and other rules typical of a normal year. It's yet unclear when the offseason will begin, but with the NFL Draft set to take place on Thursday, things could get wild in a hurry.

For the latest news, stay with our NFL lockout StoryStream as we parse through what Nelson's decision means for the NFL.