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VIDEO: Roger Goodell Booed By NFL Draft Fans Chanting 'We Want Football!'

You expected NFL fans at Radio City Music Hall to boo Roger Goodell once he dared to show his face at the 2011 NFL Draft. And they did! After booing Cam Newton, the largely New York Jets crowd howled at the commissioner, alternately chanting "We want football!" and "Let them play!"

Goodell responded in a manner that was awkward, yet striving for Clintonian, saying, "I hear you!" He smiled the best he could before growing a little impatient, then turned the attention to a reflection on the tornadoes that ravaged Alabama and elsewhere Wednesday night:

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I hear ya. I hear ya. I hear ya. I agree with you. Alright, guys. I hear ya. Me too. OK guys before we get started...let's all take a moment. Guys, just a sec. I hear ya but we have a serious moment here to reflect on the tragedies caused by the severe storms and the damage by the storms in the south.

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban joined the many Alabama and Auburn players in attendance. More booing occurred during the moment of silence for people killed fewer than 24 hours prior, because some sports fans are really great humans.