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Reggie Bush Sees Writing On Wall With New Orleans Saints' Pick Of Mark Ingram

When the New Orleans Saints traded back into the first round to select Alabama running back Mark Ingram, it was clear at least one running back was going to be the odd-man out in New Orleans. Immediately, the attention turned to Reggie Bush, who now faces an uncertain future with the Saints in a backfield that includes Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory and Mark Ingram.

And shortly after the draft ended, Reggie Bush took to Twitter to give us a hint at what may lie in his future. It sure doesn't look good for Bush, who doesn't appear to be happy with the pick.

It's been fun New Orleans. less than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

With Ingram in the fold, the Saints have cheaper options at running back and Bush, despite his collegiate resume, has not lived up to expectations in the NFL. It's yet unclear if Bush knows anything more than us or if he's just upset the Saints chose a running back, but the Saints are now faced with the challenge of paring down their running backs.

Is this the end of Bush in New Orleans? Is Ingram a better option at running back? Or was Bush talking about the Hornets' playoff run? The people need answers here.

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