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NFL Lockout: Court Decision Expected Soon

Where do we currently stand with the NFL lockout?

Judge Susan Nelson denied the league's request for a stay which prompted them to appeal to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. In the meantime, the NFLPA has declared victory and demanded the league year start immediately. The NFL has done that -- sort of. They've opened the doors and allowed some contact between players and coaches but there hasn't been an announcement on things like free agency, re-signings and trades. 

It's possible we may have to wait even longer for that. Via Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports:

I'm hearing from a pretty good source that a stay may be coming from the 8th circuit as soon as this morning.

A stay would keep the lockout in place -- for now.  Considering both the players and the owners were bracing for the possibility of the league year, and things like free agency, to happen as soon as early next week, this would be a surprise. 

Daniel Kaplan of SBJ puts the brakes on any talk about a stay at this point.

For anyone saying a stay is coming from the 8th circuit, no one knows. These are 3 anonymous judges right now. We have no insights.

As usual, we don't really know what's going on with the lockout.

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