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Despite Reports, NFL Lockout Not Reinstated

The NFL lockout has not been reinstated -- yet.

ESPN reported on Friday afternoon that the NFL had been granted a temporary stay and the NFL lockout would be reinstated, perhaps just through the weekend. 

Now ESPN is taking it back and saying no decision has been made. It's still possible, though, that we see the lockout reinstated. Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports said on Friday afternoon that the players were bracing for a ruling that would put a temporary stay on the lockout.

According to a second source familiar with the ongoing legal maneuverings, members of the decertified NFL Players Association's executive committee received an email Friday from people involved with the plaintiff's side of the Brady et al antitrust lawsuit informing them that the Eighth Circuit would be making an announcement shortly. The announcement, the lawyers for the players concluded, would likely be a temporary administrative stay of Nelson's injunction.    

So the NFL lockout hasn't been reinstated -- yet. Per Silver's report, it could be coming, though.

Stay tuned here for more NFL lockout news.