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NFL Lockout Is Back; League Granted Temporary Stay

The NFL lockout is back.

After several days in limbo, we now have some clarity on the NFL lockout. A judge has granted the NFL a temporary stay which means the lockout is back in place for now.

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports first reported on Friday morning that the players were bracing for this ruling and it's expected to last until sometime next week. At that point, the court will hear the players' arguments as to why the lockout should remain lifted and make a decision.

Judge Susan Nelson originally lifted the lockout on Monday night and later denied the league's request for a stay. On Friday morning, the league started allowing players into the facilities and began allowing contact between players and coaches but didn't announce any plans regarding trades, re-signings or free agency. 

And by Friday evening, have this news. So the lockout is back -- for now -- and we will focus on the NFL draft this weekend. On Monday, though, we'll be waiting to hear.