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Jeff Fisher Says Vince Young Can Still Win In NFL

At the end of the 2010 NFL season the Tennessee Titans announced QB Vince Young would be released or traded at some point before the 2011 season. The news wasn't a complete shock (although it was a little surprising) because Young had hardly been the franchise quarterback Tennessee thought they were getting.

Though Young hasn't actually been released yet, his departure will be remembered partly for his rocky relationship with head coach Jeff Fisher, who was fired following the 2010 season. The two had squabbled a number of times, most notably late last season when Young left the team and Fisher noted his immaturity at times.

Fisher, who hopes to get back into coaching next season, now says he thinks Young can win in the NFL.

"Vince has won a lot of games; he's led teams to the playoffs before," Fisher said. "I believe he can (win in the NFL). It's just a matter of him finding a place that suits him and be in the right place and work hard. But he certainly has that ability."

I'm not sure that he can. Tennessee was a pretty good spot for him considering Titans owner Bud Adams supported him to the point where some considered it a fault. On the field, Young had the best young running back in the game to complement him yet his completion percentage continued to drop in his final four years. 

He has won games before -- 30 of them actually -- but Young's play wasn't the driving factor in many of those.

Young will land someplace because some coach along the way will believe he can be saved. Unfortunately, I think his time in Tennessee clearly indicated Young's future in the NFL is not as a starting quarterback.