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NFL Lockout Now Becomes Longest Work Stoppage In Football History

The NFL lockout has officially become the longest work stoppage in NFL history. As pointed out by ESPN's Adam Schefter, the 58th day of the lockout has surpassed the 1982 work stoppage as the longest in pro football history.

Ugh. This makes me sick.

The NFL is at the height of its popularity and both the players and owners have allowed it to shut down. Make no bones about it -- both sides are to blame for this. Sure, each side has made some good arguments but it takes two to tango and both deserve the blame for what's transpiring here. 

That this lockout has now become the longest work stoppage in history shows how ridiculous it all is. Even with the economy in recent years, the NFL has continued to grow at a strong rate almost as if its shielded from the happenings in the outside world. 

We're stuck in football purgatory as we await a ruling from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals to make a decision on the future of the lockout. The courts could rule sometime soon to lift the lockout or keep it in place prior to the June 3rd hearing in St. Louis. If they don't make that ruling, then we're stuck where we are now until that date in June.

So it's back to the waiting game for the fans who simply want to see their team line up on Sundays.