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Carson Palmer Sells House With Uncertain Cincinnati Bengals Future

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As a sign that Bengals QB Carson Palmer is serious about getting out of town, he has found a buyer for his $2.1 million home. Palmer has asked the Bengals to trade or release him and, if that doesn't happen, he will retire. 

If Palmer's current contract stays intact, he'll be able to afford several $2.1 million houses. Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer notes Palmer's contract has four years remaining for a total of $53 million. Palmer also reportedly once said he has $80 million in the bank and didn't necessarily need to play in the NFL for the money.

The Bengals could make him prove that though remains to be seen how Cincy truly feels about this once push comes to shove. Publicly they're indicating he will retire so it'll be interesting if that's the approach they take when the league year starts and trade offers come in.

There's being stubborn about something like this and then there's not trading Palmer and potentially hurting the team by not acquiring a draft pick for him. The latest poll at Cincy Jungle says 71 percent of Bengals fans would trade Palmer for a second round pick.

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