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Oakland Raiders Unique Approach To Cutting Costs During NFL Lockout

Leave it to the Oakland Raiders to do things differently than the rest of the league. 

Some teams are cutting employees' pay during the lockout whether it's an across the board cut or a tiered system to save some cash during the lockout. 

The Raiders, though, are taking a different approach.

The Raiders, though, unveiled details of an incentive plan requiring that team employees sell new season tickets that totaled at least 10% of their salaries during the length of a lockout. This, in lieu of salary cutbacks or furloughs.

This is actually a good idea. The lockout isn't the fault of the employees -- it's an owner-imposed lockout -- so the employees shouldn't suffer. But the fact of the matter is that they feel the need to cut costs because revenue (or future revenue) isn't coming in so they're asking everyone to pitch in and fix it. 

One other point is that team employees includes everyone -- even defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan. 

"I've got to sell millionaires in a room every day to run and crash heads," he says, referring to the players he coaches during normal times. "So this is easy."

And, no, he hasn't sold any season tickets yet. 

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