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Could Plaxico Burress Reunite With New York Giants?

WR Plaxico Burress is set to be released from prison in June and one the NFL lockout is decided he'll be seeking his next team. Some people feel the New York Jets or St. Louis Rams could be a possibility for him, which makes a lot of sense for both teams.

But what about the other team in New York?

Burress was a member of the Giants when his arrest went down and there's a thinking that the Giants could at least entertain bringing Burress back. Jay Glazer of writes via Twitter that head coach Tom Coughlin likely isn't interested but the Giants front office is "intrigued" at the possibility.

The first question is whether Burress can still play. He'll be 34 years old when (or if) the 2011 season starts and, after two years in prison, it's more than fair to wonder if he has anything left. 

The second question is whether the Giants even need another receiver. WR Steve Smith could start the season on the PUP list after undergoing microfracture surgery so they just might.

The third question is how the lockout could play into this. If the work stoppage lasts until August or September, there may not be enough time to bring him back, get him in shape and familiarize himself with the playbook.

The idea is, as the front office apparently thinks, intriguing. But I'm not sure it's totally feasible.

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