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Kevin Kolb To Cardinals Called 'Slam Dunk'

If Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb isn't traded to the Arizona Cardinals once the NFL lockout is lifted then it would be an upset. Plenty of NFL reporters believe Kolb to the Cardinals will happen at some point. In fact, ESPN's Sal Paolantonio reports that Kolb to the Cardinals is a "slam dunk as much as you can have a slam dunk.

Depending on what the Cincinnati Bengals do with QB Carson Palmer, Kolb should be the most sought-after quarterback on the market. And with quarterback being the most important position on the field, teams will pay a hefty price to get their hands on one.

That's why Kolb, with a career 3-4 record as a starter, could be traded for a first round pick. In fact, it could be even more than a first round pick if two teams get into a bidding war over him. 

Of course, the NFL lockout could affect Kolb's value (and of course it does since the lockout affects everything else). If this thing goes into August or September, it's hard to see someone giving up a first round pick for Kolb with only a few weeks to prepare him for the season. So there is still a lockout factor that could put a damper on any Kolb trade.

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