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NFL Coaches Association Urges Owners To End Lockout, Sides With Players

The NFL Coaches Association, which had been caught in the middle of the ongoing lockout as players and owners fought over money, has now taken a step off the fence. NFL coaches have filed a brief with the Court of Appeals in support of ending the lockout, thereby casting their lot with the talent.

Coaches are arguing that the lockout is harming their job security, as they're losing valuable preparation time for the (hopefully) coming NFL season. They allege economic harm and career risks and even use football lingo, saying the league is attempting an "end run" around a Supreme Court decision. We'll assume NFL coaches are among the few people on earth who actually know what an end run is.

This could be impactful news, as it's now essentially the entire league against 32 owners and one commissioner. It's certainly encouraging to see coaches stand up in support of their players, even if self-interest was also a major motivator.

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