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Tom Brady's Surgically Repaired Foot Should Be Fine For NFL Season, According To Report

Tom Brady is progressing nicely after a Jan. 20 surgery on his right foot, according to a report by WEEI's Christopher Price, and should be good to go in time for whatever 2011 NFL season may or may not happen. Brady underwent the operation after playing through a stress fracture for about half of the 2010 season. No word in the report about training camp, though of course nobody knows exactly when those may start either.

He's also been seen getting around without his trusty walking boot, another good sign for New England Patriots fans.

Despite the injury, Brady led New England to the NFL's best record. Even though the team just drafted Ryan Mallet, few are interpreting that as a sign of worry over Brady's health. The Arkansas Razorbacks rookie is expected to be a long-term project and potential fixer-upper for a future trade.

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