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With NFL Lockout In Place, Cris Collinsworth Picks Up High School Job

A few weeks ago NBC's Cris Collinsworth predicted that the NFL lockout would last into the season and we wouldn't see football in 2011. He even detailed what an abbreviated season would look like and, to be honest, it scared me a little bit because no football until November could very well happen.

Collinsworth, who does the Sunday Night Football telecast with Al Michaels, is so confident that the lockout will last into the season that he's taken a new job -- as a football coach.

No, no, not in the NFL but for a high school team. His son is a receiver on the Highlands High School football team and when the head coach approached him, he agreed.

But what the heck, the NFL will probably miss at least half of their season anyway, I agreed. Today is my first day. I just got the playbook and I feel like a first year rookie all over again. The plays are scrambled eggs in my brain, and I feel a little anxious.

Of course Collinsworth wouldn't have the time to do this if it weren't for the NFL lockout. If the lockout goes the way he expects it to go with no games until November, then he can get in at least half-a-season for Highlands High School.