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Kevin Kolb Trade Rumors Resurface; Arizona Cardinals Early Favorite

The target of everyone's favorite trade rumor is back in the news. Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb expects to be one of the highlights of the offseason if we can ever end the lockout and get back to business. With QB Michael Vick already in-house, plenty of folks expect the Eagles to trade Kolb.

The asking price is reportedly starting at a first round. And the most likely team to deal for him, at the moment, is the Arizona Cardinals. This coming on Tuesday night from ESPN's Adam Schefter, who says Kolb will be dealt and the Cards are the leaders in the clubhouse right now.

This is no surprise to Eagles fans at Bleeding Green Nation. Following the draft, they ranked the teams most likely to make a move for Kolb and the Cardinals sat at the top.

The Cardinals didn't select a QB in the 2011 draft, which means their gaping hole at QB remains intact. Rumors have it that the Cardinals have interest in Marc Bulger. If that's the case, have fun in the basement of the terrible NFC West, Cards. In other words, I don't buy it.    

Of course, nothing can go down during the lockout. Any talks and rumors can't be put into place until that's lifted and the league year is back to normal.

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