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NFL Lockout: Owners Meet Near Chicago As Court Date Looms

There’s no way of telling whether it brings us any closer to seeing pro football any time in the next three months, but a group of influential NFL owners and perhaps Commissioner Roger Goodell gathered near Chicago, and apparently not for a shopping spree along the Magnificent Mile. (Which is a shame, because there are some really nice shops there.)

The meeting was rather hush-hush, and most of the participants tried to keep their plans to themselves. But some attempts at discretion were more successful than others.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft was spotted Wednesday afternoon boarding his private jet at DuPage Airport, a little less than 24 hours after arriving, according to sources. Also present during a full-day stakeout was the jet belonging to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, an unmistakable Gulfstream model with a star on each side of the tail.

The latest formal step in the showdown is a court hearing this Friday. More might, or might not, be going on behind the scenes.

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