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NFL Teams Don't Sound Thrilled About Terrelle Pryor's Chances

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What we know right now is that QB Terrelle Pryor has left the Ohio State football program and hopes to play in the NFL. He has not, however, officially been declared eligible for the NFL supplemental draft, which would be held in July if he were eligible.

Assuming he does eventually apply and is accepted for the supplemental draft, his NFL future doesn't sound incredibly bright. Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports talked to one NFC head coach who said it's clear Pryor was all about himself at OSU.

"The more you read about this guy with the cars and the tattoos and money and all that other stuff ... Look, we all know how the college game works and what those [coaches] have to deal with, but this kid sounds like he didn't give a damn about anybody. He was just there for himself. He didn't even try to hide it. He flaunted it. If you're like that, it's hard to be a quarterback."    

As for his play on the field, the head coach told Cole that whenever he watched Pryor's games he walked away wondering if that was it.

"I would have expected a lot more from Pryor by this time given all the hype out there about him from years ago," the NFC head coach said. "I'm not saying he's a bad player. He's a good player and maybe he'll become great. He has the tools to be great, all the raw ability we look for. I'm just saying that when I actually watched him play in games, I always came away thinking, ‘That's it?' I expected to see something really dominant and he was just good."

So Pryor will likely get drafted at some point next month if he's eligible for the NFL supplemental draft but I can't imagine it's very high. People are predicting a mid-to-late round pick for Pryor and, sort of like Mallett, I think his future largely depends on what kind of environment he's drafted into.