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Terrelle Pryor Hires Agent Drew Rosenhaus

After leaving the Ohio State football program, QB Terrelle Pryor is deciding between the NFL supplemental draft and the UFL. Most folks expect him to enter the supplemental draft and embark upon his NFL career and to help him in that journey will be agent Drew Rosenhaus.

The Associated Press reports Pryor has chosen Rosenhaus as his agent for his NFL career. Rosenhaus is perhaps the most well-known NFL agent and shows that Pryor is serious about pursuing an NFL, not UFL, future.

We haven't yet heard any teams publicly indicate they're interested in Pryor but Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune suggests both Bay Area teams -- Raiders and 49ers -- should investigate the prospects of selecting Pryor in the supplemental draft.

If you are Al Davis and have a chance to put a once-in-a-generation athlete on the Raiders for the cost of a third-round pick or later, you do it.

If you are Jim Harbaugh, looking to build the talent base and remember Pryor as a guy most of the country thought superior to Andrew Luck as a high school senior, you give the hard sell to general manager Trent Baalke.

We'll see which team Rosenhaus will be negotiating with. If there is a supplemental draft, it will be held sometime in July.