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Terrelle Pryor Confirms NFL Supplemental Draft; Drew Rosenhaus Believes First Round Pick

QB Terrelle Pryor, fresh off leaving the Ohio State football program, confirmed at a Tuesday news conference that he will indeed enter the NFL's supplemental draft. Presumably the draft will take place in July, which is the same as years past. 

Pryor and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, conducted a press conference on Tuesday where Rosenhaus said he believes Pryor is worth a first round pick and it wasn't just Rosenhuas who was touting Pryor on Tuesday. Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco, who also uses Rosenhaus as his agent, took to Twitter after spending some time working out with the former Ohio State QB.

I meant to say the media said [Terrelle Pryor] isn't NFL type QB,after running routes n seeing great timing n arm strength I beg to differ...With the right coaching after what I saw today with my own eyes he can be a great QB.

Most NFL observes say Pryor will be a mid-round pick -- possibly around the third to fifth round -- so not a lot of folks agree with Rosenhaus' assessment of a first round pick.

That said, it only takes one team to pull the trigger.