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NFL Lockout: NFLPA Says Talks Are Still Positive, According To Report

After a couple weeks of optimism regarding the NFL lockout, football fans got a splash of water in their faces when ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Wednesday that talks almost "blew up" with the lawyers in the room. Another source told Schefter that the idea that a deal could get done in two weeks is "borderline insane."

Understandably, that caused some anxiety among NFL fans because we are desperate to see this NFL lockout end and get the football world back to normal.

The good news is that some NFLPA officials believe ESPN's report mischaracterized the state of talks. According to Mike Freeman of, the words "cautious optimism" are being thrown around regarding the talks.

Individual team representatives and rank-and-file players began contacting various union officials after an ESPN report said talks almost "blew up." The players, I'm told, were informed that the report mischaracterized the state of talks and that negotiations were actually moving in a positive direction. Indeed, the Associated Press reported that both sides have their "noses to the grindstone."

That doesn't mean a deal will get done but it does make me feel a little better about the direction in which these talks are going. As long as there's some positive feelings around the talks, they'll be making progress. 

Stay tuned for more NFL lockout news.