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NFLPA Not Sure If NFL Supplemental Draft Can Happen

The NFL said earlier this week that it's possible for them to hold a supplemental draft this year but they haven't yet received any applicants.

With the news coming out regarding Ohio State, some are wondering whether QB Terrelle Pryor could try to leave school early and enter the supplemental draft this summer so the viability of a supplement draft during a lockout could be an important question soon.

The NFLPA, though, isn't quite sure if they can do a supplemental draft. Spokesman George Atallah addressed the issue on PFT Live this week: 

"I'm not sure, we're still looking into those issues " Atallah said. "We're in a situation now where we want to get this lockout resolved. It's unfortunate that we have to debate and discuss whether something like the supplemental draft can happen."

As of now, though, there are no applicants so it's a moot point until someone, like Pryor, applies.