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NFL Lockout: New CBA Will Give Players 48 Percent, According To Report

NFL owners are meeting in Chicago on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the negotiations with the players in the pursuit of a new collective bargaining agreement. The meeting is designed to update owners and other team executives on the status of the negotiations with the players and what the next CBA could look like.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen has reported on several of the details being discussed, including the big one -- the money. In the last deal, the players received 60 percent of the revenues after the owners took approximately $1 billion off the top. Counting that $1 billion, the players received approximately 53 percent of the revenues.

So there were two numbers to consider when looking at how much the players received. The players of course focused on the 53 percent -- or how much of all the money they received -- while the owners focused on the 60 percent -- or just the money after the $1 billion credit was taken off. 

In the new CBA, Mort reports that the players share will go down to 48 percent of all the revenue, as opposed to 53 percent, and that number will never dip below 46.5 percent. 

Players believe they can justify a 48 percent take because of the projected revenue growth, as well as built-in mechanism that require teams to spend a minimum of 90-93 percent of the salary cap, sources said. The mandatory minimum spending increase is an element that concerns lower-revenue clubs, sources say.

So the players will take in a smaller percentage -- and there are likely concessions given by the owners to do so -- but, if the money rises at the rate they expect it to, it will be more money overall.

Of course, this is all still in negotiations. Those numbers can change. But hopefully this break down is the beginning of even more progress for the two sides, perhaps enough progress that we can end the NFL lockout in several weeks.