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Full Season Of Thursday Night Football Could Be Coming, According To Report

ESPN's Chris Mortensen has quite a few details of the proposed CBA between the players and owners. The deal between the two sides isn't done yet so this isn't official but the two sides are progressing to a point where more people are asking when a deal will get done, not if.

Of the several notable items in Mort's report is that Thursday Night Football could be coming on a full season basis. Currently, only the second half of the season includes a Thursday Night Football package but, in the proposed CBA, that could be changed so that we have 16 weeks of Thursday Night Football.

We're not sure on the details but the league could sell the package to another network where they'll be able to add more revenue than if they kept it on NFL Network. It's also possible they sell only a portion of the Thursday night package while NFL Network keeps some of the games.

For fans of football, this is a very good thing. It means there are more nights in which football is on. This would put football games on Sunday, Monday and Thursday night, as well as the full slate of games on Sunday afternoon.

This is the type of NFL lockout news we like to be discussing rather than courtroom talk. Hopefully the two sides keep the momentum going and move closer to a deal.