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NFL Lockout: Some Players Can 'Live With' Proposed CBA

There's some optimism surrounding the NFL lockout as the owners and players continue to negotiate a new CBA that would end the nearly 100-day NFL lockout. ESPN's Chris Mortensen leaked some details of the new CBA such as the revenue split, the addition of Thursday night games and increased benefits for retirees. 

An early look at the proposed CBA has some players saying they can "live with" a deal like that, according to Mike Freeman of

Though the players explained to me they don't like everything they know about it thus far -- the true sign of a good deal is when both sides are unhappy about some aspect of it and that seems to be the case -- overall they think it's a solid one for the players.

"Most guys won't love this new CBA," said one player, "but they'll live with it."    

Freeman contacted just five players so it's hardly a consensus but, as Freeman points out, the best deal is going to be one that neither side is particularly thrilled about because it means both sides are giving something up.

One thing the players don't like, which I agree with, is the length of the next CBA -- supposedly 10 years, if it gets done. That seems like a long time for a league which hopes to double their money in that time span. At this point, though, I'll take any sort of deal so we can get back to football.