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Terrell Owens Injury Could Cost Him Six Months, According To Report

It's the middle of June when not much is going on in the NFL world, especially during a lockout, and that's why news of free agent WR Terrell Owens' injury is so surprising. Owens tore his ACL -- we're not sure how -- sometime in the last month, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

Neither T.O. nor his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, are commenting on the injury but Mort reports that Dr. James Andrews did the surgery within the last month. The story of exactly how T.O. suffered this injury isn't clear yet -- Mort has one source telling him it occurred while taping for a VH1 show -- but we do know how long an ACL injury can cost a football player and it's not a good situation for T.O., who turns 38 years old in November.

Mort reports that missing six months is the best case scenario which would put Owens' return around late November. More likely, Owens probably won't play at all in 2011. Even with a late November return -- at best -- the season is three-quarters of the way over at that point and I'm not sure any team would bring him on. Nearing 38 years old and 12 months off the field isn't enticing to a lot of teams, even if T.O. does have legitimate talent.

Then again, this is the same guy that broke his leg in mid-December and came back to play in the Super Bowl (and play very well catching nine passes for 122 yards) for the Eagles. I wouldn't count T.O. out just yet but I would say it's more likely that we've seen the last of Owens than a magical late November return.