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Buffalo Bills New Uniforms Gets Vote Of Approval From Fans

The Buffalo Bills unveiled new uniforms over the weekend and SB Nation's Buffalo Rumblings was there to cover the entire event. Their comprehensive coverage includes a breakdown of what's changed, pictures of the uniformsand notes from the locker room of the uniform unveiling event over the weekend.

The Bills uniforms are one of my favorites in the NFL. They're simple and classic and they carry that into the new uniform design. Buffalo Rumblings is running a poll asking fans what they they think of the uniforms and even with just a few hundred votes in, it's obvious that most fans agree with the change.

Here's a picture of the Bills new uniforms:


And here are a few of the big changes to the Bills uniforms, via Buffalo Rumblings:

On both the home and road uniforms, you'll see the word "BILLS" appear on the front of the jersey above the numbers. The wordmark has been slightly refined, according to the team. On the back, above the player's name, you'll see the team's charging buffalo logo. Russ Brandon spoke about really upping the branding on the jerseys, and they've done that in a way that is not overtly cumbersome. The Bills pointed out that only Arizona and Minnesota used logos on the back of the jersey in that fashion until last night.