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NFL Lockout News Done For Day As League, NFLPA Conclude Arguments

The oral arguments in the latest NFL lockout court meeting have concluded and, for those of you who wanted an immediate decision, I've got bad news for you -- it's not coming. At least not for a weeks. The judges said the ruling would come at some point -- most are guessing around the end of June -- and the final decision would be one neither side would like.

They also encouraged both sides to continue talking. We learned on Thursday that the two sides had abandoned mediation and moved into settlement talks. As we've previously explained, that's how the last CBA agreement came to place in 1993, so let's hope it's the same this time around.

As for Friday's court case, each side made their arguments as to why the lockout should remain in place -- the NFL's argument -- and as to why it should be lifted -- the NFLPA's argument. 

Despite all this business in court, the best course of action is for the two sides to sit down and hammer out a long-term agreement. They will likely have several weeks before the court's decision so let's hope they use this time wisely and get something done. 

Stay tuned for more NFL lockout news