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NFL Preparing For 2011 Season As Short As Eight Games, According To Report

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Last Friday, the NFL and NFLPA presented oral arguments to the Eighth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals regarding the future of the NFL lockout. The owners want the lockout to remain in place while the players want it lifted. It's all about leverage and, after the ruling from the Eighth Circuit, one side will have a lot of it.

But it's also possible the two sides reach an agreement on a deal to end the NFL lockout before the Eighth Circuit. That's what most are hoping for though it's unclear how viable that really is.

If games are compromised, we know the NFL has created the schedule in a way that they could possibly buy a few weeks of time. But, according to Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Journal, the NFL is also planning for a scenario where a season could be as short as eight games.

In 1982, the work stoppage resulted in nine games so it's possible we see a season even shorter than that. In this scenario, the games would begin sometime in November, which is when the season is usually halfway over.

I'm glad the NFL is making plans to play, even if it's a shortened season, but this would be near a worst-case scenario.