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Terrelle Pryor Leaves Ohio State Football; NFL Supplemental Draft In Future?

It wasn't totally unexpected but Terrelle Pryor, QB for the Ohio State football team, has ended his playing career at Ohio State, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. With the scandals surrounding Buckeye country lately, some thought he may take this route.

So the question becomes: What's next for Pryor?

We don't have a confirmed answer to that but, presumably, he'll be entering the NFL supplemental draft. I suppose it's also possible he goes to a lower-level school and plays right away. With the NFL lockout, we're not completely sure if there will even be a supplemental draft but, if that's the route Pryor takes, I'd imagine he feels comfortable that it will go on.

The NFL has said they can conduct a supplemental draft but there haven't yet been any applicants. The NFLPA, meanwhile, says they're not sure if a supplemental draft can take place during the lockout. 

So now we wait on the official word from the Pryor camp on what his next move is. And, assuming it's the supplemental draft, we will also await word from the NFL that there will indeed be a supplemental draft.