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NFL Supplemental Draft Is Terrelle Pryor's Best Option

QB Terrelle Pryor has left the Ohio State football team and it would appear he's on his way to entering the NFL supplemental draft. He does, however, have other options such as sitting out for a year, going to a lower-level school and playing right away or perhaps the CFL. 

The best option, though, is the supplemental draft, where he's expected to be a mid-round pick.

''I would hope so. Also, he would hope so,'' Pryor's lawyer Larry James said of the supplemental draft. ''But he's going to take the next couple of days to get his head together.''

The NFL has not yet scheduled a supplemental draft as it's only conducted when there are applicants and, if he applies, Pryor would be the first. The date of the supplemental draft isn't clear but it would likely be sometime in July. The NFL says the previous CBA allows them to hold a supplemental draft, despite the lockout. 

If Pryor is picked up in the supplemental draft then he may not be missing much. The rest of the players have been locked out since they were drafted so it's not like Pryor would be missing lots of OTA sessions with the coaches.