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Terrelle Pryor And NFL Supplemental Draft Vs. UFL

Ever since QB Terrelle Pryor announced he was leaving the Ohio State Buckeyes football program folks have been assuming he'll enter his name into the supplemental draft. That's definitely a possibility and, according to his lawyer, that's what he wants to do.

But would the UFL be a better option? A source tells ESPN's Adam Schefter it's possible.

A UFL source said Terrelle Pryor would benefit from the NFL coaching in the league, and there's "a decent shot" he could wind up in UFL.

Some might scoff but NFL teams that may look at him in the supplemental draft don't have the luxury of seeing his workouts from post-season events like the Senior Bowl or NFL Combine. 

That said, I still think he enters the supplemental draft and a team picks him. There's some NFL head coach out there who thinks he can be the guy that transforms Pryor into a great quarterback. It's sort of the same situation with Tim Tebow when former Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels thought he could be the guy to transform Tebow despite the question marks (and that could still happen, by the way, sans McDaniels).

Some coach out there will feel the same way and take a shot on Pryor.