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Terrelle Pryor To NFL Supplemental Draft Or UFL; Not CFL

The CFL is out of the question for former QB Terrelle Pryor. The lawyer for the former Ohio State QB said on Thursday that Pryor, who is expected to apply for the NFL supplemental draft, will not be headed to the CFL, despite the Saskatchewan Rough Riders acquiring his rights.

Larry James, Pryor's lawyer, told ESPN the CFL offer was "not sufficient to whet his taste buds" so that leaves two options for Pryor -- NFL supplemental draft and the UFL.

The NFL supplemental draft remains the most likely scenario for Pryor. The league believes that, despite the lockout, they can hold a supplemental draft. If that's the case, it would likely be held in July, as it usually is. The supplemental draft is a silent auction with teams submitting 2012 draft picks as currency. The highest bidder wins the rights to Pryor and loses the corresponding draft pick in 2012.

The UFL is also apparently an option for Pryor. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the UFL remains an option for Pryor while CNBC's Darren Rovell recently reported that the UFL would consider offering equity in their league to a "marketable star", though it's not exactly clear if Pryor would qualify for that.

So it's down to the UFL and the NFL supplemental draft for Pryor. Assuming he's eligible for the supplemental draft, my money is on him entering his name and being selected by an NFL team.