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UFL's Hartford Colonials Send Players Home Due To Insufficient Funds, League Announcement Tuesday

You'd think this was the United Football League's golden era. With the NFL in the midst of a lockout, the only national pro football game in town is the UFL and its five franchises. That number could be whittled down to four before the season even begins as news has trickled out that the Hartford Colonials are in such bad financial straits that they've told players not to bother showing up for camp.

The Hartford franchise informed players tonight that training camp wouldn't be starting due to the money problem. It's unclear yet if the season will be played.

NFP is also reporting that the league in general is in the midst of financial woes so bad it could cause the cancellation of the upcoming season. League commissioner Michael Huyghue continues to say the season will be played. The UFL is expected to make an announcement about its future Tuesday.

Members of the Colonials roster include QB Colt Brennan, RB Kevin Jones and QB Josh McCown.

It would be a shame to lose the Colonials and their grand tradition. The team went 3-5 in their only previous season. The year before that they were the New York Sentinels, who went 0-6. So it's totally fine if that grand tradition goes away.