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NFL Lockout Offers An Opportunity For Reporters To Repeatedly Jump The Gun

At this point, all that's left in the NFL lockout is declaring a winner in the race to declare the work stoppage over. It's going to happen at some point, perhaps as soon as Monday. But from all indications, the negotiations aren't quite finished, and a few unresolved issues remain. If we've learned anything after the numerous false starts in declaring the lockout dead, it's that nothing is a sure thing and it's not over until both the owners and players say it's over.

Which makes the following tweet irresponsible, at least in my opinion.

Yes, it's provided without context or any further information, but all of his 700,000 followers will probably interpret the message the same way. The lockout is over, football is back and we can all get on with our lives and fantasy roster.

But it's not over and football certainly was not back when that tweet was sent. While everyone else was saying that a deal was close, but Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith were still working on hammering out the details, that was what we got from Schefter, along with a similar tweet from ESPN colleague Chris Mortensen.

Maybe it's because I've seen this far too many times, including just a few days ago, or maybe it's that I'm tired of the lockout game like many others, but tweeting HOORAY FOOTBALL IS BACK as a reporter covering the lockout when football is certainly not back is in poor form, at the very least.