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Brett Favre Rumors Return: Philadelphia Eagles May Be Interested In Retired Quarterback

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We tried to ignore this for as long as we could and sincerely apologize that it's coming back up again. The Brett Favre comeback talk is back, just in time for the NFL lockout to end and free agency to begin. This time around, however, it's not just Favre grandstanding. Instead, it's a team that's reportedly interested in Favre's old, indecisive services.

So, who might the lucky fanbase be? Philadelphia Eagles fans, get ready for Favre Fever!

Howard Eskin of WIP radio in Philly reports that the Eagles could sign quarterback Brett Favre as a backup to Mike Vick, after Kevin Kolb is shipped out of town.

Sources told Eskin, who serves as a sideline reporter for the team’s radio broadcasts, that it’s "possible" the Eagles will sign Favre.

On a positive note, at least we know football is near. There's no surer sign than the inevitable "will he or won't he" rumors. Unfortunately, we're bracing for weeks of this and if history is any indication, it's going to get worse by the day.

It's tough to imagine Favre being super excited about playing second fiddle to Michael Vick, but here we are. No word on if he's interested, but would you expect him to not entertain offers and snatch any publicity available? Didn't think so.

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