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Mark Herzlich To Be Signed By Baltimore Ravens, According To Reports

While teams reportedly aren't allowed to sign undrafted free agents until Tuesday morning, reports are flying all over the place of players earning tentative deals with teams. Some players are confirming the reports via Twitter. Perhaps the biggest name on the board is spoken for, at least according to several of the more well-known outlets: the Baltimore Ravens will reportedly acquire former Boston College Eagles LB Mark Herzlich.

Update: Herzlich says the deal isn't done.

Herzlich was named the 2008 ACC Defensive Player of the Year. In 2009, Herzlich was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. He announced his intention to beat the disease and return to the field, which he did. He started 13 games, accumulating 65 tackles, four interceptions and 3.5 tackles for loss.

The Ravens have been the talk of the day, having released four of their most well-known players, but this story ensures they'll at least end Monday on a high note. Now we'll just have to wait and see how many of these reported signings actually go down on Tuesday.

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