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Terrelle Pryor Banned From Ohio State Program For Five Years, Could Clear Road To Supplemental Draft

Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor's status for the supplemental NFL draft was deemed "unclear" a few days ago. The problem being that, in order to be eligible for the draft, Pryor would have to prove that he was completely ineligible for the 2011 season at OSU.

There's a reason Pryor hired Drew Rosenhaus as his lawyer.

Ohio State officially announced today that Pryor wouldn’t have been able to play at Ohio State at any point for the 2011 season and has banned him from any contact with the program for five years.

According to the Associated Press, Pryor’s lawyer, Drew Rosenhaus, "sought and received a letter from Ohio State stating that he would not have been eligible even after his five-game suspension to start the season".

And so, with that letter in hand, Pryor should be clear to enter the supplemental NFL draft, though that decision hasn't been confirmed yet.

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