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Reggie Bush May Be Traded To Miami Dolphins, According To Report

Reggie Bush will be traded to the Miami Dolphins, contingent on Bush restructuring his contract, according to a report from Jay Glazer. Bush has been on the outs with New Orleans since the NFL Draft, with the Saints selecting Mark Ingram in the first round and Bush essentially saying goodbye on Twitter a short time later. Since the end of the NFL lockout, little has been said about Bush's contract situation until late Wednesday night.

However, the reported trade comes with conditions, including the aforementioned contract renegotiation and a choice by Bush. Glazer is reporting Bush may still stay with New Orleans, and the ball is in his court.

I'm reporting the Saints and Fins have worked out terms of a trade for RB Reggie Bush, contingent on Bush agreeing to a new contract w Fins. Bush's agent Joel Segal negotiating w Dolphins tonight. It also hinges upon Bush taking deal and not deciding to stick w NO at reduced rate

Either way, he will have to take a pay-cut this coming season, it appears. He can head to Miami and enter a log-jam of running backs or stay in New Orleans and be in the midst of a log-jam of running backs, including Ingram, who may be the future for the Saints. In Miami, however, there are a variety of packages, including the Wildcat, that would allow Bush to utilize his skillset and, perhaps, angle for a better contract in the future.

There's sure to be more to this story, but it looks as though Bush may be out of New Orleans sooner rather than later.

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