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Reggie Bush Contract Details After Trade To Miami Dolphins

We will soon be calling him former New Orleans Saints RB Reggie Bush. The Saints have reportedly agreed to terms on a deal that will send Bush to the Miami Dolphins. It's unclear what the compensation is at this point but as part of the deal Bush will be restructuring his contract, which was scheduled to pay him over $11 million in 2011.

According to Pro Football Talk, Bush's contract will be for two years and $9.75 million. He'll receive $5 million in year one.

This sounds about right. Depending on what the Dolphins give up, I don't think this is a bad move. They may soon be in the process of acquiring a quarterback (Kyle Orton anyone?) and that quarterback will enjoy having another weapon out of the backfield.

It's a short-term deal which should work for both sides. For the Dolphins, they don't commit a whole lot until Bush proves it over two years. For Bush, he gets another crack at free agency in two years. 

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