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Willis McGahee To Denver Broncos Not Done Deal Yet

After reports that had Willis McGahee signing with the Denver Broncos, it now appears that the deal might not be finalized after all.

According to NFL reporter Jason La Confora, McGahee will be brought in for a workout by the Broncos, but that no deal has yet been signed. McGahee was told by the Baltimore Ravens that he would be released on Thursday.

During the past three seasons, McGahee has been transformed into more of a goal-line specialist, as Ray Rice emerged as the featured running back. McGahee has managed to score 20 touchdowns in the past two seasons despite a combined 238 carries and catches. 

The confusion over McGahee's status may stem from an email the NFL sent out, informing teams that they can not talk to players until their release has been made official. It would now appear the Broncos may have violated that rule and are now trying to walk back on the McGahee deal, such as La Confora, who was among those reporting the deal as being finalized.

It appears they've jumped the gun at this point.