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NFL Lockout Agreement Could Come From Bargaining Table Or Courtroom

USA Today has a great summary of potential paths to resolution of the NFL Lockout. The number of possible scenarios is headache-inducing, but here's what it comes down to:

Players could reach an agreement with owners and drop their suit against the league. Or, the two parties could settle the suit, with the court looking on. The former option seems more likely, since the court wouldn't have to be involved. Attorney Matthew Cantor, who's quoted in the article:

"The players could dismiss the class action voluntarily, and they can enter into a collective bargaining agreement outside of the court process," says Cantor.

Another potential path toward the end of the lockout has to do with an antitrust lawsuit filed by several NFL players. Judges involved with that suit could make a decision that would end the lawsuit.

A group of former players' class-action complaint against both players and owners could complicate matters, however. These players are arguing that both parties are reducing the value of the pensions for retired players by continuing to haggle over the amount of money paid to current players. If current players and owners are able to agree on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the former players could sue to stop it.

It looks like these next few weeks could be filled with more twists and turns as players and owners continue to work out an agreement.

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