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The Casey Anthony Verdict, Explained By A Professional Football Player

The neverending Casey Anthony trial reached a verdict on Tuesday afternoon, and Twitter was a aflutter with reactions. But none better than Darnell Dockett of the Arizona Cardinals.

If you haven't been following the trial, Darnell Dockett's Twitter feed is probably the best initiation you'll find anywhere. Here was his reaction after the not-guilty-news hit the web.

"Damn! Note to myself! If I EVER HAVE TO USE this CHOPPER, or this GLOCK 40 on some one! Casey Anthony's lawyer will get a call from ME! Yall say whatever u want! Casey Anthony had a GOOD DAMN LAWYER! I don't know if she did it or not, but the lawyer Proved SHE DIDN'T DO IT!"

Sure, the prosecution probably failed more than Anthony's lawyers succeeded in proving anything, but whatever. It gets better.

She said WHAT?!

Hold on wtf! So she said her dad raped her and the brother! And did she say her day buried the body in the swamp! Umm wtf I'm lost here!

...Of all his commentary, this was definitely the best. Because f**k Nancy Grace.


And finally, Darnell offers his own verdict.

Mann so this lil girl was duct taped too and drowned! Missing for 31days and the mother didn't report it! OH HELLL NAWWW she guilty as sh*t! Mann if my son was missing for 31 minutes--forget 31 days--I'm gonna tear some sh*t up. I'd go crazy if my son was missing! OFF THE HOOK CRAZY!

OFF THE HOOK CRAZY! Makes sense to me.