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Dolphins Will Honor Tim Tebow, Gators When Broncos Come To Town (Seriously)

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For as much money and attention there is on the NFL, we see quite a few silly decisions, especially this latest one by the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are going to be honoring the Florida Gators 2008 National Championship team on October 23.

That's the same day that the Dolphins will be hosting the Denver Broncos, the same Broncos whose backup quarterback is...Tim Tebow.

You know, the guy who everyone talks about but hasn't actually done anything in the NFL. The guy who was the quarterback of the 2008 Florida Gators national champion team.

Tebow is just a backup but has a ridiculous amount of attention placed on him so I'm not totally sure why the Dolphins would honor a guy who is trying to beat them. Of all days...the Sunday the Broncos come to town? Seems like a cheap way to sell some tickets.

Most people are pointing this out as a strange decision by the Broncos but MJD over at Shutdown Corner loves it.

I think it's genius. With all the attention that Tim Tebow receives, despite the fact that he's the third or fourth best quarterback on the Broncos roster, there's bound to be a little resentment bubbling for him within the Broncos locker room. If you're the Dolphins, why not have a great big party honoring Tebow and stoke the flames a little bit? See if you can get Kyle Orton to punch Tim Tebow in the face.

The only problem? It's kinda hard to cause a ruckus when you're the third string quarterback on the bench.