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Radio Host Beau Bock Freaks Out On Air

Meet Beau Bock. Beau Bock is an Atlanta-area sports talk radio host. According to the audio recording I just heard, he feels quite strongly about, and I quote, YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL UP HERE AND SAY YOU SAY TO ME THAT WE'RE okay I'm gonna just cut off his mic now.

The real delight arrives at the end, when the caller calls Beau Bock a homer and Beau Bock responds with this semi-English shrieking that, tonally, is a perfect compromise between Tom Waits and Boz Scaggs.

Thanks to this outburst, I'm forced to drop "sports talk radio" one rung lower on the (excerpted) Power Rankings of Meaningful Discourse Between Two Parties:


9,193. A rotted-out tree falling into a lake
9, 194. A cat hissing at a four-year-old who keeps poking it with a broom
9,195. A lawnmower chipping its blade on a decorative stone
9,196. A wayward breeze blowing divorce settlement papers into a neglected, algae-infested swimming pool
9,197. A sports talk radio host speaking to a caller
9,198. A helicopter colliding with a communications tower
9,199. Joe Buck and everything and everyone else
9,200. A forgotten tomato in the back of the refrigerator slowly flattening and dripping its juices into the also-forgotten moldy block of cheese on the shelf below
9,201. A man telling flying insect to "get the heck out of here"



(Audio link via Jimmy Traina)