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NFL Power Rankings: Disagreement On Vikings, Rams

NFL power rankings are always an entertaining exercise for NFL reporters and bloggers because one outlet can have a team ranked dead last while another one can have them ranked in the middle of the pack. It's stil early in the 2011 NFL season and the jury is still out on a few teams so at this time of year it's understandable. 

Perusing the various Week 2 NFL power rankings out there, I came across a couple of times that have a huge variance among the media in the rankings. 

The Vikings are one of those teams. They're ranked 31st in SB Nation's power rankings and generally near the bottom in most others. Real Clear Sports, which compiles a power rankings average of some of the major media outlets, has them at about the 25th spot. USA Today, however, has them 14th, a difference of 17 spots. How can two people be so far off on the same team? (To defend SB Nation's 31st ranking, consider this: QB Donovan McNabb had 39 passing yards that game. 39.)

The Rams are another team like that. SB Nation has them ranked 15th, which is about right, I think. Middle of the pack or so. USA Today has them ranked 32nd, dead last, in the NFL. Awfully low if you ask me.

That shows you how much two reasonable media outlets can disagree on one team.