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ESPN's Week 2 NFL Power Rankings Have The Bills Too Low

In Week 1, the Buffalo Bills, a 4-12 team last year, entered Arrowhead Stadium and embarrassed the Kansas City Chiefs, 41-7. The game was never really close as the Bills controlled it from the start creating turnovers and scoring points off of that.

With a 4-12 record last year, the Bills were near the bottom in most preseason power rankings but, after beating up on the Chiefs, you'd think they'd move up a decent amount, right?

ESPN, for some odd reason, doesn't see it that way. The Bills were ranked 30th in their preseason rankings and, after the Chiefs game, move up a measly three spots to 27th.

What's worse is that the Chiefs, who were ranked 18th in the preseason, dropped just three spots to 21st.

I know just because you beat one team doesn't mean you need to be ranked ahead of the other but I think this is an extreme case where the Bills didn't just beat the Chiefs, they thoroughly dominated them. They should A.) be ranked higher than 27th after that game and B.) be ranked ahead of the Chiefs.

I know from experience that no matter what you're going to have questionable spots on your power rankings. Every fan base won't be happy, no matter what. But this one seemed too obvious to me to get wrong.

I'm a Chiefs fan but even I have to admit that the Bills fans over at Buffalo Rumblings got screwed.