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Kevin Williams Suspended Two Games For StarCaps Case

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The StarCaps saga isn't quite over with yet. According to Tom Pelissero of 1500 ESPN, Minnesota Vikings DT Kevin Williams will indeed face a suspension for his involvement in the StarCaps case.

NFL announces Vikings DT Kevin Williams has suspended the first two games of the season and docked an initial two games pay. An additional two games pay, not initial. This is the StarCaps suspension that had been on hold since 2008. No surprise to Kevin or Vikings. Williams' suspension begins tomorrow and ends on Sept. 19, a day after Vikings' Week 2 game. Letroy Guion figures to start in his place.

This case has been dating back to 2008 when both Kevin and Pat Williams took a weight-loss supplement called StarCaps which contained a banned diuretic that can mask steroids. The problem is that the banned diuretic wasn't included in the label, so they didn't know it wasn't allowed.

They waged a long fight against the suspensions through federal and state courts, and the league allowed them to play pending a final resolution of the case.

That final resolution came down earlier this summer and Kevin Williams has now been suspended. Others, like his teammate Pat Williams and New Orleans Saints DT Will Smith, were also involved but no news has come down on their suspensions.