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Mario Manningham Injury: Giants, Manningham Disagree On Concussion Diagnosis

Giants wide receiver Mario Manningham missed the entire second half of Monday's game with the Rams, and the team's explanation at the time was that he suffered a concussion. But after the game, Manningham dismissed the diagnosis. 

"My neck stiffened up, man," Manningham said. "But I'll be good." 

He added that he received a massage and expects to practice Wednesday. It looks like Manningham dodged a bullet, right? Maybe not. Despite Manningham's denial, the Giants insist their initial diagnosis was correct. From Jeff Roberts, Giants beat reporter for the Bergen Record: 

#nyg insist Mario Manningham failed a concussion test on the sideline, that's why he was not allowed back in the game. #nyg
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It's not surprising the Giants are being cautious, since this is at least the second concussion Manningham has suffered in just less than a year. And just like the first one, the team can't pinpoint one specific play in which Manningham was hurt. He tumbled along the sideline after juggling a catch late in the second quarter, but he didn't appear to hit his head very hard on the turf. 

"Evidently it was right at the end of the first half," Coughlin said, according to ESPN. "He bobbled that ball, the big play ball. I guess when he came in he was kind of dizzy at that point in time."

Did he hit his head after falling, or did he bobble the ball because he was already dizzy? Right now it's hard to say -- especially if Manningham continues to downplay the injury. The Giants should have a better handle on his status for Week 3 later this week.