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Eli Manning: 'He Had A Small Package, I'll Say His Package Got A Lot Bigger'

Further evidence that Peyton and Eli Manning are basically Rod and Todd Flanders has surfaced Tuesday morning. Here is video of the younger Manning after the Giants' Monday Night Football win over the Rams:

To those of you who don't particularly find this funny: sorry. To the rest of us: we're an immature collective of people, and if we can recognize that toilet humor and double entendres and the like are important things, we ought to treat them as we'd treat any other important thing. By which I mean, we get serious about keeping some sort of history for these.

I'm not sure of where, exactly, this moment stands, but we also must keep in mind the guy who caught Barry Bonds' 70th home run in 2001 and declared that "the rush of estrogen was incredible." We must also remember Chip Caray's 500 million utterances of "fisted" to describe an infield hit. At any rate, I hope there is someday a Hall of Fame for this sort of thing, and I hope Mr. Manning receives consideration.

(H/T: Deadspin)